Middle School Fall Sports S.T.A.R. Award Winners Announced

Middle School Fall Sports S.T.A.R. Award Winners Announced
By: Kristy Booher Angelo, Associate Athletic Director
For More Info: booherk@gilmour.org
Halloween Day was a fitting time to announce the S.T.A.R. Fall Sports Award winners and present the honorees with various treats. The Striving Toward Academic Responsibility program recognizes students in Grades 7 and 8 who compete in a Middle School sport and maintain a specific level of academic achievement throughout the season. This fall, all 21 of the eligible student-athletes were recognized for attaining one of the three academic achievement levels. All honorees receive a certificate, with the silver level also earning star cookies and the gold level also receiving an ice cream sandwich.
Gold Level - A to A+ Average
Julia Gainar '24, Zoe Hayek '25, Ruby Johnson '25, Cedric Li '24, Vaughn Milstein-Croxall '24, Dominik Povozhaev '25, Carter Richmond '25, Samantha Stutler '24, Annamarie Wiandt '25
Silver Level - B+ to A- Average
Molly Boylan '25, Braden Keller '25, Anthony Lacroix '25, Benjamin Lindley '24, Matthew Mirando '25, Michael Piccirillo '24, Kendalyn Simpkins '24, Edward Turk '24
Bronze Level - B Average  
John Amps '25, Casie Crawford '24, Jack Guo '25
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